-hey bro u saw the huapangeros dancing yesterday
-yeah nigga they hth hard
by BombassBG December 3, 2017
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Acronym. "Hope that helps." or "Happy to help."
The URL is .com not .net. HTH.
by luser November 21, 2002
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Hope This Helps or Hope That Helped. Used frequently on tech-support type forums, and also jokingly as a dismissive term after offering no help whatsoever. Often followed by HAND.
Q. "I can't fined the Word file I'm looking for in Word! It was there this morning, but now it's gone! Can someone help?"

A. "Try using search to look for a word in the document itself. If you're on a Mac, that means Spotlight. It will be really quick, but will only work if you haven't overwritten or deleted the file. HTH, HAND!"
by anacrusan July 17, 2010
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An acronym standing for "hope this helps", used sarcastically after answering a dumb question or pointing out an obvious oversight to a person of inferior mental qualities. Limited generally to message board posting.
Princeton doesn't have a law school. HTH.
by XOXOHTH September 15, 2004
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HTH means to go to bed from a long night, most country people use this slang

Aviy: I’m getting tired
Jasmin: I think it’s time for us to HTH
by #1 kanye fan February 1, 2023
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Hot towel Harry.

A man who goes above and beyond in a relationship. A man who has a hot towel waiting for his lady as she steps out of the shower.
She can’t get enough of HTH
by Teamanx October 27, 2020
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