one who engages in innappropriate actions, which can be violent, shenanaganical, illegal, harmful, harmeless, annoying, cheeky and fun, dangerous, or/ and evil
"Those damn hooligans spray painted giant dripping cocks all over the super-market."

"Those hooligans moved ten kilos of blow by force and then all six of them rode down Main Street on one bicycle."
by BEZ off in it January 30, 2008
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young foolish person who gallavants and roams the streets causing trouble.
See punk or hoodlum.
You little hooligans stay off my lawn and out my neighborhood!
by happyjoy July 12, 2004
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Drunk football fans usually participate in hooliganism after their team beats their rival.
by AJAW May 23, 2004
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a thug, a ruffaian, a hoodlum
That hooligan is just another wimp looking for attention.
by Light Joker October 5, 2005
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Name of Bruno Mars' fans who not just love Bruno Mars but also love his band, his crews, his family, and everything about him. Mature. Not envy/jealous if other HOOLIGANS being bless (meet/hug/kiss/etc by Bruno) but feel happy and believe somemday will get the same honor.
All Hooligans screamed when Bruno Mars did his great hip-thrust.
Imma HOOLIGANS n I proud of it cuz I love Bruno Mars.
by nengbuyah July 3, 2011
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A hooligan is a person who fight for his soccer team the most fucked up is the english
there are some rules:
you are only fighting with other hooligans or the cops
and no weapons
when 2 soccer teams are playing hooligans from each team call each other to an off that is as mass fight between the 2 teams
love it :P (special fight with police)
by jesper12 October 23, 2006
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To go about vandalizing, and disrupting public peace, to Hooliganize!
The other night there were a bunch of kids hooliganizing around my house, I had to call the cops they were so loud!
by JUAN M LOPEZ January 9, 2006
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