The act of living life without giving a single fuck about anything, also is used for ignoring women to make them want you even more. Is based on the fact that honey badgers don't give any fucks
"I'm talking to this girl and I think there's another guy she's talking to as well"
"Nah don't worry dude just be honeybadgering that hoe and she'll be all over that dick in no time"
by T $$$$$ Swag February 13, 2013
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Doing what you want regardless of who or what stands in your way. It is ridiculousness often seen in the form of reckless drinking, random ass slapping, chasing prostitots, filthy mcnasties and scallywags, copious amounts of alcohol and money, and a blatant disregard for others. Basically, honey badgering means giving zero shits.
Vegas has no idea what it is store for July 7th, that cat Jamal from Phoenix is about to unleash a barrage of honey badgering the likes of which have never before been seen
by HB phx June 29, 2012
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When you're masterbating and your ejaculation forms a perfect line over the base of your penis, giving it a mohawk.
Last night I was practicing honey badgering to impress my girlfriend, you know how she loves mohawks.
by JarJarSHARPEDO October 22, 2014
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