A homunculus is a failed attempt to revive a dead person using the art of alchemy in the anime Full Metal Alchemist. (This practice is often referred to as human transmutation, and is forbidden.) There is some ambiguity whether or not a homunculus is truly a reincarnation of that person. A homunculus is not a human and supposedly has no soul. However, Lust and other homunculi are able to recall events from their past life.

Homunculi are nearly indestructible and do not age. In addition, each one has a special, deadly power. For example, Lust can extend her nails to use as a deadly weapon and Sloth can transform from a solid state to that of a liquid. Homunculi become paralyzed when in close proximity to parts of their former bodies. The resulting paralysis or loss of consciousness often aids in one of the few ways to kill a homunculus: sealing via an alchemical array. This causes the homunculus to expel the red stones which fuel them, and results in the body of the homunculus dissolving and/or weakening. Most homunculi are incapable of using alchemy, but there are exceptions.
Dante's homunculi are all named after the seven deadly sins.
by Dan December 19, 2004
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The main villains of the anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist. An artificial human being that has a philosopher stone has its heart. Their are 7 of them and each are based on one of the seven deadly sins and have their own unique powers. They are near immortal and have fast regeneration. They are created by Father the original homunculus and serve him due to their thankfulness that he created them, all except Greed. They all hold negative views on humans as being an inferior species to them again except Greed. The only way to kill one is to kill them over and over again until they run out of souls in their philosopher stone.
Lust was the second homunculus by Father and was later continually burned by Mustang untill she finally die. Her powers let her extend her fingertips like a spear. Giving her the nickname the "Ultimate Spear."
by SelimPride May 19, 2010
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"Little man". The mapping of sensory and motor pathways in the brain is called the homunculus, because, when sketched, they make the figure of a man. Also used in philisophy to talk about who is controlling the mind.
Goddamn it the homunculus is a fucking bitch to learn!
by The Incredible Idiot August 8, 2005
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an human like being that is created by alchemy. they are made by a mixture of magical herbs and blood or dead bodies. this mixture is put in a jar to grow. they were the original test tube babies. some homunculus are small. they can range from a few inches to 2 feet tall. there are bigger ones that are human sized. these are made more with dead bodies/parts than just blood. the big ones need more power/magic to live. the best way to get this is threw lighting or electricity. the famous example of this is the frankstien monster. in the Hellboy comics, Roger the Homunculus is brought to life with lighting and keep alive with power genertor/big battery in his chest.
Roger the Homunculus from the comic book Hellboy
by Renelda August 26, 2005
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"Bitch, why you dress yo baby like Frodo? Halloween is way over! Whadda homunculus!"
by LeRoy January 14, 2004
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1. A weakling who cannot pick up a baby without risks of his arms falling off, he is also capable of sending people back in time, he was created some weird way and has the ability to make your cousin watch you play a video game like its a movie
"Yesterday i tried to pick up a baby, i was very exhuasted after that"
"Hey its the fuckin homunculus!"
by JoKoBo February 11, 2004
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1. horrendously ridiculous or absurd
Why did you take away my spatula? You are homunculus.

also seen in the following forms:
a. homunculation: noun = the act of being absurd
b. humunculatingly: adverb = Paul proceded homunculatingly.
c. homunculatiously: emphatic adjective (used in situations of extreme homuncularity)= He used the homunculatiously large machete to scale the fish.
d. homunculus: noun = You are a homunculus.
e. homunculate: verb: to act in a matter that is homunculus = Stop homunculating.
f. homunculatory = misunderstood, though necessary, conjugation of term
by Darcy Forlenza March 22, 2004
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