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A character of the series of Fullmetal Alchemist.
1. First anime Pride was the Furher King Bradley (Wrath in manga and 2nd anime). He is pussy shit to Wrath Bradley cuz he owns all noob asses. Seriously watch his fight with Greed you will think he is the SHIT! Also it takes three (one of them by the way is a homunculus) people to injure him and than it takes Scar with his deconstruction and regular alchemy to beat him and he still severely injures Scar. Come on Anime fans of the First Fullmetal Alchemist series Pride Bradley was in only one fight and lost to Mustang without as much as scratch to him.

2. Manga and 2nd Anime Pride. The most badass homunculus ever! He was the first created homunculus by Father 400 years ago. He has shadow powers that are the mix power of the other 6 homunculus. His body looks that of 11 year old but he is the strongest out of all the homunculus. He is eventually to be discovered Selim Bradley true idenity. He eats not only Gluttony but Kimblee as well. He also forces Mustang to do human transmutation so Father can use him and it makes Mustang go blind.
1. Pride from the first series got his ass handed to him by Mustang.
2. Pride from the 2nd series fought at the same time Ed, GreedLin, Lan Fan, 2 chimeras, Hohenheim, Al, and Fu because he just that good.
by SelimPride May 24, 2010
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The main villains of the anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist. An artificial human being that has a philosopher stone has its heart. Their are 7 of them and each are based on one of the seven deadly sins and have their own unique powers. They are near immortal and have fast regeneration. They are created by Father the original homunculus and serve him due to their thankfulness that he created them, all except Greed. They all hold negative views on humans as being an inferior species to them again except Greed. The only way to kill one is to kill them over and over again until they run out of souls in their philosopher stone.
Lust was the second homunculus by Father and was later continually burned by Mustang untill she finally die. Her powers let her extend her fingertips like a spear. Giving her the nickname the "Ultimate Spear."
by SelimPride May 19, 2010
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