When kaylee wants to fuck Mikey and Joey in the same bed at the same time
Person 1: wow kaylee is kinda like on Mikey and Joey a lot today
Elizabeth: damn… double homocide!
by Twithy December 4, 2021
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Having or doing two unfortunate events in the same period.
Tim: I was chased by a dog this morning, then two dogs chased me home in the evening.
Bob: Damn double homocide
by wordy876 May 1, 2021
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"Ahhhhh!!!! It's a Homocidal Psycopath!!!! Run for your frickin' life!!!!!!"
by wolfbeatlesfans March 11, 2010
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the green paper mache monkey sitting in chrissy's closet. he carries the dreaded banana of complete and utter DOOM, in which he likes to stab people with when they are asleep. "DIEDIEDIE"

p.s. HE'S BLIND!!!
..seven days.. is doomsday.. the homocidal monkey is going to.. EAT YOU. k bye.
by chrissy March 15, 2005
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Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is a comic made by Jhonen Vasques, who also made Invader Zim, Squee, and many more. It revolves around a man named Johnny. C (Or Nny, pronounced Knee) who is indeed a Homicidal Maniac. He tends to kill those who irritate him in the slightest (For turning the BrainFreezy machine off at 2AM). He resides in the house number 777. A single story house with a maze of a basement, filled with torture devices and bodies to fill them. He kills his victims and drains them of there blood for painting a wall, in which case if he doesn’t the 'thing' will escape. Johnny is plagued by voices named Nailbunny, Mr. Fuck, and Phycodoughboy. Nailbunny representing the closest thing Nny has to a voice of reason, Mr. Fuck tends to tell Nny to just kill himself and get it all over with, while Phyco tends to tell Nny to go out and kill someone else and feed his wall. Later in the comics Nny ends up dead taking a trip to heaven and hell and finding them to his distaste. Also learning that he is a 'wastelock' something that takes up all the human negativity and filters it. He is sent back to earth with this information and doubts weather it was real or just some dream. Nny then starts for trying to find freedom by not feeling, in which a new voice tried to make Johnny Feel. Its a wondrous little comic with an interesting message laid in think with the blood.
Johnny the Homocidal Maniac is an good book to read
by Kats_Coven July 31, 2006
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An extremely funny comic book series by Jhonen Vasques(The maker of Invader Zim) about an artistically challenged man named Jonny who (guess what) kills people...and he ALWAYS gets away with it with the aid of his skilled tormentors(Read I Feel Sick 1 & 2. It reveals much more about Jonny's predicament.)Over all a good and hillarious read. And come on, people. Anything by Jhonen is great!!
In Jonny the Homocidal Maniac(JtHM), the police man says,"You wasted a perfectly good baby!!"
by LaurenFrancis May 19, 2005
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When your girl says if I have one more orgasm, I'm going to die,and you you kill her
It wasn't premeditated, it was accidental phallic homocide
by Kevinkalel March 17, 2020
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