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The action to bring happiness to a family due to a new born.
A Spanish variation of the Name John and a possible middle name with the letter "N" all together.
"Jhonen brought happiness to our lives"
by Jonen MC February 16, 2018
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If you find a jhonen your very lucky he can be a little sour at first. But once you get to know him you know he has a big heart. SO DONT LET HIM GO!!!
Jhonen has a cold heart that turn to a sweetheart
by idkwhothisis19 April 13, 2019
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When you open the stall doors to a public bathroom wearing earbuds and don't look if there is anyone in the stall, then accidentally sitting on the persons penis and getting anally penetrated.
John: "Did you see Frank get jhonened?"
George: "Yea I did, I was talking to him in the bathroom (no homo) and he didn't turn around and lost his anal virginity."
by Swagyolo420bwaze March 17, 2016
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