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When you got to pull a favor for the boys. Such favors tend to be sexual, but non-homosexual.
Eating your boy's ass ain't homosexual it's homiesexual.
by Tyrone Daquan Jones JR. October 18, 2017
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Homiesexual is a sexuality, and is related to homosexuality and heterosexuality, you still maintain your heterosexual identity outside of your friendships, but when you’re interacting with your homies, it will be acceptable to make homosexual comments to them. Without the fear of being called gay. People who identify as a homiesexual, is free of using phrases such as “no homo” since their sexuality is already disclosed.
Person1 “Yo, homie! I see yo’ cute ass lookin’ nice and tight today, love you cutie.”
Person2 (Homie) “Aye, thanks homie! Yo’ sexy ass lookin’ fine too ;)”

Person3 (Observing Conversation) “Man, y’all a bunch of homiesexuals!”
by ej-elskakje-dej February 19, 2018
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When your homie does some suspect/gay things but it ain't really gay cause they is your homie.
"Me and my boy are homiesexuals, so that means we can jerk each other off and it won't be gay."
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by Vanilla Water November 08, 2017
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A straight male who recieves oral pleasure from a gay male. But assures you he is straight.
Jordan got head from James, but told him that he has a girlfriend and loves girls completely. He is a Homiesexual.
by Justified August 30, 2005
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When (s)he does have no interest in their sexual appeal, but they have interest in their homies. When ever (s)he does anything related to homosexual they don't have to say "No-Homo", because their sexual presence is "Homie-Sexual".
Jake: Hey man, this girl told me that she wants to date you.
Abraham: Nah, bro, can't you see I'm Homie-Sexual like you?
Jake: Oh yeah, you right. Now come here and give me a hug.
by _Too_Scared_ January 23, 2018
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