A city in southwest Michigan known for its Tulip Festival and a large population of repressed white Christian middle-class baby-boomers desperatley seeking to stem the tide of modern culture and minority empowerment.
"We're going to Holland to see the Tulips and be judged by our appearance."
by Mecharabbit June 16, 2007
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Hollandism is the only religion that actually makes sense. It was founded in central Illinois in early 2008. Hollandism worships the beliefs of its founder "T-man". Such beliefs include, but are not limited to: the worthlessness of all other religions, the sacredness of beer, and the important value of profanity to prove any point.
I recently converted to Hollandism when i discovered Christianity is bullshit.
by Athens213 January 06, 2010
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U are a kind and loving person who also has a fears side. You are meant to be a movie star with your looks and talent. You are so caring to your friends and u are a beautiful all the girls want to be like you, you are funny and kind.
Sarah: OMG look at that girl I want to be her
Linda:Thats a Holland
by Sarah Paterson April 18, 2017
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A Nørro (ancient viking language) word for "Woodland".
Nice Holland.
by Roninja February 04, 2009
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Holland’s are very rare to find so if you find one don’t let her go.she is usually very sporty and have an amazing body. She is very caring and has a great personality. She has a voice of a angel and is really funny. She is extremely stunning and creative. They are usually amazing friends too have.
Person 1: omg Holland is sooooo sweet
Person 2: she’s stunning and so funny
Person 1: yeah I really just want to be her tbh
by Sarah Paterson June 28, 2019
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Girls with this name are usually some of the baddest bitches you’ll meet. Their hella goofy and a blast to be around. If you have the opportunity to meet a holland then you better treat her like a queen. She’s a straight up thug and won’t mess around with bitches.
David: did you hear about the new girl holland?

Andrew: yah man! She’s a G.
by Downdawg1999__ May 25, 2019
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A Holland is a person who lives to their word. They will never turn their back on you. They will always treat you like family. A Holland can brave through any difficulty and solve any problem.
My boyfriend's family was a bunch of Hollands, and they were the most wonderful people I had ever met.
by Wisdom 1:6 April 20, 2019
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