verb. When a person or group of people exclude one person or the rest of the group from having any weed that is being passed around.

To hold all the weed for yourself and not let anyone else have any.
Dude, quit being holdy and pass the joint already!
by xo_loud.whisper_ox November 27, 2010
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Too easy, treating gamers like idiots
hand-holdy i have no idea what should i write here so somebody edit this
by ToiletDuck06 August 04, 2020
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Taking a picture of yourself, or of you and another person, by extending your arm and pointing the camera back at yourself.
Cathy took the cutest holdy outy of the two of us on Memorial Day.
by asanfil June 11, 2007
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A big beuncow thats fucked by tom everynight
by Tomengelen December 28, 2017
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A playboy who won't die with regret.
He has been accused of stealing erasers, pencils, pens, calculators and lastly, a journal.
Look at him, he's a holdy

He just pulled of a holdy
by panjan April 26, 2019
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