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The ultra cool act of running two 5 mile runs in one day; also known as a Ramo-Gabe. Both runs must be separate events and 5 miles or in 5 mile increments.
Him: Dude, don't tell me you ran again today.
Me: Yep, I ran 5 miles this morning and just now finished another 5 mile run.
Him: WOW! You ran 2 Gabes in one day. You're a Hall of Famer! I'm impressed!
Me: Ya - I love the Ramo-Gabes.
by Gruteman June 09, 2013
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It’s an acronym standing for Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing. It’s usually used to describe embarrassment at being unable to remember someone (CRAFT moment); going onstage as the lead in the latest theatrical performance and your mind goes completely blank (CRAFT situation); the next morning after a night when you got pissed as a fart and woke up in bed cuddling a traffic cone and a string of fairy lights wound round your prick.
β€œWhere did you go after we left the pub?”
β€œDunno, CRAFT.”
by AKACroatalin November 07, 2015
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When one person gets so drunk in a single night, he throws up, piss his pants, and shits himself befor sobering up the next morning.
Dude, last night Paul became a Hall of Famer and had to buy a new mattress cuz of all the piss and shit and throw up.
by bcritchley64 March 19, 2011
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