A Muslim girl who wears the hijab, but does not properly act like a hijabi/is not religious. i.e. drinks, has boyfriends, swears, wears tight clothes, etc.
Person 1: Did you see Sarah making out with Mark last night?
Person 2: Yeah, her dad would freak if he found out. She's such a hoejabi.
by thathandleisinuse March 12, 2017
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person a - did you see hoejabi at the club yesterday

person b - you mean sakina?
by 1-8 January 18, 2023
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when the hijab for allah but the booty for abdullah.
"oh who's that thicc hijabi over there?"
"oh that's fatima the hoejabi"
by Rakka Pakka September 12, 2019
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Combination of the two words: Hoe + Hijabi

A Muslim girl (wears a hijab or a scarf) who acts like a hoe.

Most of the times she's not even a hoe, she is just dating or making out with guys. However, It is considered as a sin because a Muslim girl, especially if she wear a Hijab, should not do that with anyone but her husband.
Omg, Aisha is such a HOEJABI!
by EbnElBasta October 25, 2015
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The top for Allah, the bottom for Abdullah. When a hijabi wears slutty clothes, or very few at all.
Dude, that hijabi girl's wearing a laced top and see-through leggings today. She's a total hoejabi.
by fartsicle420 December 8, 2015
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