50's term for a greaser, someone who hung out at the beach, but definitely not a surfer. Hodads were into cars, music and were a type of counterculture style. These were NOT posers, as some of the other definitions had stated...Surfer's and Hodad's would be completely separate groups, that often clashed with each other.
in the beach communities in the 50's one was either a hodad or a surfer. Hodad's wore a very specific style of clothing.....black shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt (preferably white). They were NOT posers, and wouldn't be caught dead hangin' with a surfer. aka...low riders
by Petunia Petal August 6, 2006
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Someone who clings to a mass marketed subculture that he or she believes to be edgy and dangerous.
The White Stripes record release party was attended by shiftless hodads.
by Ten Thousand August 20, 2008
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A Hodad is an older surfer, who most often rides a longboard and is able to get onto waves before the shortboards, but because the hodad is riding a longboard, he is unable to shred the vave the way a shortboarder would be able to do. The opposite of a gremmie, a younger surfer that rides a short board but who drops in on you everytime.
In the movie "Ride the Wild Surf" the song "Secret Surf Spot":

"My secret surf spot, where nobody knows
The Gremmies and the Hodads never go"
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Something that is super cheesy, corny, or plain out stupid!

A word that is used by lazy hillbillies when their vocabulary is shot.
"Hey, Mary-Lou, that there show you's watchin' is pretty Hodad!

"C'mon, Howard, don't do that- its so Hodad."

"I don't know about you, Bobby, but that couch is Hodad."

"Latisha built a wooden deck per her above ground pool, but it turned out to be quite Hodad."
by Hippiechic98 January 4, 2013
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A non-surfer.
While riding the best wave of the day, I noticed a hodad on the beach chatting up the bikini I had my eye on.
by Joe August 26, 2003
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(circa 1950's) A poser (faker) surfer.

One who drives to the beach with a board on the car, sticks his board in the sand and tans and picks up Betties (See Betty).
by Frito October 7, 2003
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