A Hodad is an older surfer, who most often rides a longboard and is able to get onto waves before the shortboards, but because the hodad is riding a longboard, he is unable to shred the vave the way a shortboarder would be able to do. The opposite of a gremmie, a younger surfer that rides a short board but who drops in on you everytime.
In the movie "Ride the Wild Surf" the song "Secret Surf Spot":

"My secret surf spot, where nobody knows
The Gremmies and the Hodads never go"
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A good surfer,a seasoned surfer thats considered good at surfing. hodads were good and gremys (short for gremlins)were beginers.
That dude that droped in was one bad hodad.
by 1badhodad September 15, 2005
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