This asshat can be found in a Calculus classroom. He laughs at everything the teacher does and picks up chalk off the ground for them. He also tends to show up with a packed lunch at 9 am, then proceeds to eat his pudding. Usually wearing a trenchcoat, goofy hair, and glasses, he'll annoy the hell out of you with his clicking pen, unless of course, replaced by his three sharpened pencils.
On occasion of a test, he'll do the arm thrust towards the body accompanied by the "yes!", paralleling a d-bag.
Sometimes he'll be seen driving his rusty p.o.s., smeared thouoghly with roadkill.
Studious Student #1: Hey, what time is it?
Studious Student #2: Oh, it is promptly a quarter after nine.
Studious Student #1: Thanks a bunch.
Studious Student #2: By the way, did you see that asshat Hoboken?
Studious Student #1: As a matter of fact I did, later I have an appointment with his car involving unmentionable things. Hopefully his window is open!
by Hanky Panky March 17, 2006
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