v. When a group of young stoners persistantly elects one member of the group to carry out tasks found collectively difficult or undesirable by the rest of the group.

n. A person, often times high on pipeweed, who is repeatedly chosen to carry out the deeds the rest of a group (usually too stoned) are unable to perform.
1. Don't hobbit me bitch, I'll go get the damn beer when I'm good and ready.

2. Stoner 1: Hey man, you should go in the liquor mart and get everyone munchies, man.
Stoner 2: Why do you guys always have to make me the hobbit???
by Rockbubba November 24, 2007
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Small race from LotR that are half of human size, and are adorable. They like drinking and smoking out of their pipes. They laugh adorably, and they love to party. They are a peaceful people. They have a tendancy to be fat.
Four Hobbits were heroes of Lord of the Rings
by LotRPhan March 08, 2015
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v. to shave off pubic hair in the shower, leaving it to stick to the feet of the next person in the shower.
Dude, my brother inl aw shaved his pubers in the shower and left them there. Now they are all over my feet.

You have just beeen hobbited.
by bdogwagdiggity April 13, 2009
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An extremely short girl with blond hair also goes by Frodo. Cannot reach most things that are above 3 foot from the ground and often gets trampled on in town despite making silly noises as a warning that she's there.
Beth - That Rachael is such a Hobbit. we should call her Frodo
by AnnieInWonderland February 07, 2009
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a small, sand-colored person resembling a hobbit.
this hobbit lurks everywhere, and you should wave at him.
this can be used to scare your dumb friends.
Lauren: "omg, look its the hobbit!"
Melissa: "hey hobbit! everyone wave!"
Frank: "omg.. where's the hobbit? im scared."
Lauren: "the hobbit just told you to gtfo."
Frank: *cries*
by the hobbit's nut May 03, 2008
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A short, human-like creature. Apperantley, they are the gods of geeks everywhere. One is particular, is named Frodo. A hobbit who goes on a gaytastic quest to destroy a finger ring given to him by his molesting unvle, Gandalf. The ring lets you lurn invisible, which should have been used to spy on some dark-age sluts. Back to hobbits. hobbits have really hairy feet, often ridiculed on magazines such as MAD and the now dead CRACKED!
Geek: "What the hell? Why is Frodo's best friend, who is a hobbit, licking Frodo's feet? Oh no, I got the porno insted of the actual movie! I think I'll just watch a little longer....."
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
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