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School: Segregating Classes Hosted by Odd Obese Lawers. After the Medieval Era ended, the last few surviving demons fled to a continent that would later on be called a sovereign nation (America). As the years passed, the demons began to call themselves "poloticians" (Paranoid Obese Lethargic Organic Telepaths In Cheap Imputive suits Answering by Nincompoop Shitheads) and came up with many hellish ideas. One of these was the S.C.H.O.O.L. Of course no one realized the full effect that this "hell in a building" idea would do. So it is up to the "Dropouts" (Dangerous Rebels Outing Poloticians Under Tyranus Schools) to destroy Schools forever...
Schools: A fucking gay place where DEMORCRACY is known as a DICTATORSHIP!!!!
by ro91 November 25, 2005
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Has the same meaning as "cool" or "tight" or "bad ass". Use to describe anything positive.
That car is clean
That suit is clean
She's clean etc.
by ro91 November 22, 2005
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common household associates ordering shit

Code name for operations run by terrorists on crack. Conspiracy theories normally found in government documents are named chaos for their lack of shitty information. Also found in George Bush the dicta..... i mean President.
George Bush as seen on Saurday Night Live running for his Lord of chaos election.
by ro91 November 24, 2005
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A secret organizaton known only by the name of B.U.S.H (Baddly Used Shit Heads). created almost exact clones of Mini Me. They named these new creatures while they were all drunk. When they woke up the next morning, they found that the H.O.B.B.I.T.S. (Horribly obese bumbling bribeing intellectual tyranus shitheads) had escaped. They then hired a mercenary nicknamed G.A.N.D.A.L.F (gay asshole nabbing diapers after licking fishsticks) to catch them. The whole thing ended up being a big hit, so it was made a movie. For more information, see "racists".
(Hobbits): Small people getting paid more than me.
by ro91 November 24, 2005
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