A race in J. R. R Tolkien's imaginary universe of Middle Earth. Hobbits are a peaceful race of midgets with hairy feet, and near-universal ineptitude. They are good at things that do not matter such as drinking, smoking pot, and fantasy songs, but are clueless about any form of combat (they dont even know how to ride horses!).
A: He's a fucking pussy!
B: No, worse... I'd say he's a hobbit.
by marquisdesade January 06, 2008
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an unknown person who stays in your home for extended periods of time and doesn't respond to hints that they should leave.
"dude the hobbit is sleeping in my bed and know I have to sleep on the coach," "damn the hobbit is back I thought it was finally over," "I think the hobbit came onto me and it is getting awkward."
by MAJQ September 11, 2006
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The creature that is created when a hobo and a rabbit reproduce.
Is that a hobbit over there? No that's a hobo and a rabbit, but there making a hobbit.
by purplemushrooms January 11, 2013
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A small person with curly hair, giant feet. Mostly has a foot fetish and an all-time, neverending menstruation in men (aka Manstruation). Usually an entrepreneur and/or a jew. For all intents and purposes, a manlet.
This midget is such a hobbit!
by SuperUnitato69 June 08, 2014
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