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Crouching down in a ball and resuming normal behavior patterns from this position
Asher was hobbiting on the bus this morning.
by eakart1 October 09, 2016
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Hiding away in your house/room or just being anti-social; like a hobbit hiding in his dwelling.
Jack isn't coming to the party tonight, he'd rather be hobbiting in his apartment.
by Cdeath January 14, 2009
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If you have already seen Lord of the Rings then you already know what a hobbit is. Hobbiting is when someone explores and adventures a hillside or mountain side, usually through the woods. A hill/mountain side is not mandatory, but it furthers the hobbiting experience. Smoking, making fires, and making forts are some common hobbiting activities. Psychedelic drugs (LSD, mushrooms, peyote) really enhance a hobbing experience, and really get you involved in the sport. Mischief and curiousity are a must.
"Where are Jake and Nate?"
"Oh, they went hobbiting today. They're climbing around some mountainside making campfires and having a good time."

"I went hobbiting yesterday, you should have seen the fort that I built."

"No one hobbits like we do. We hobbit that mountain side to no end, and that's some damn good acid."
by JeanClaudePignut April 08, 2009
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"Aragorn can we stop for second midday lunch? We just finished smoking and we are hungry."
"Damn Hobbit, stop smoking your pipeweed!!"
"But we were Hobbiting this morning!!!"
by Captain Jim T. Rustles November 14, 2013
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Using petroleum jelly to stick hair to the top of your feet for sexual purposes.

A milder, and foot centric, form of the Savsquatch or sexsquatch, which both cover the entire body.
I mailed Savana some of my shaved off body hair. She used a layer of pertroleum jelly to stick it to her feet for sex stuff. You know she's crazy into hobbiting.
by Juarez.Gaines October 20, 2011
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