The act of seducing a girl in order to smash her, and then shortly after, fleeing from the scene, leaving the girl wondering what the fuck just happened. In a hit and run, you either don't give the girl your name and number, or you give her a false name and number. It is a common scenario in one night stands, and is usually demeaning and humiliating for the woman, but gives the male something to gloat about to his friends.
John: Dude, I pulled a hit and run on Jessica last night!

Raph: Oh shit, so did I!

John: Oh shit, what a slut!
by KillerByte September 27, 2004
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The act of downloading a file through bittorrent and immediately stopping any seeding as soon as the file has finished downloading. This is done to save bandwidth and avoid lawsuits.
Dude don't download movies, you'll get sued!

Nah man, I just hit and run
by Dirty Dz Knees February 27, 2011
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The hit and run is a highly advanced kissing technique. First you begin by getting 100s of cups of Sonic ice (Sonic ice only, other brands of ice are inferior). Then, select one piece of ice from each cup and put it in a special cooler. Then, when your girlfriend/boyfriend is exactly at the deepest point of their REM sleep cycle, wake them up. In their confusion, reach over them and kiss them once lightly with a spiderman kiss. Then, pull away and put all of the special ice in your mouth. Then lean over then again and kiss them and as soon as they open their lips to maximum width dump all the ice into their mouth and run as far as you can away from them
Ex. #1. Bro I hit and ran my girlfriend last night so bad she broke up with me
Ex. #2. My favorite fetish is a combination of cuckholding and the hit and run
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When you hit a car and leave the scene of the crime
I hit a car, and left the scene becuase i got high. Police found me later and charged me for a hit and run, now my insuracne will go up sky high
by jjazz July 04, 2009
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Get the most sex you can from a girl and when you cant get anymore dump her sorry ass.
I went out with her for a month and pulled a hit and run
by Cheese O May 28, 2004
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Hit and Run is Smashing a girl and you dont want any strings attached. Usually when the girl isnt a fine ass girl but a meh looking girl
*Girl walks by*
Virgin friend: I would hit that any day of the week
Real ass nigga: Nah I'd Prob hit and run her
Virgin friend: Aye you right now that i think about it
by HellomyfellowKneegrows. March 11, 2016
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When someone is hit by a car that proceeds to just drive off. Running is not involved.
The taxi driver responsible for the hit and run is still at large.
by Muad23 November 14, 2009
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