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1. A Gun, knife, or other weapon.
2. Anything used for the smoking of various drugs, most commonly marijuana, most commonly a pipe.
3. A graffiti mural.
4. A place.
5. Short - piece of shit.
6. Generic - anything.
1. This piece shoots nice, only cost $50.
2. Dude, nice piece! Let's smoke.
3. Yo, I threw up a hot piece down near 2nd.
4. Dude, I'ma bounce out this piece before drama goes down.
5. Dude, look at that car, what a fucking piece.
6. Yo, nice piece!
by KillerByte August 08, 2004

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A girl who will, without hesitation, let someone engage with her in anal penetration
John: Oh my god, Kathy let me fuck her in the ass while her best friend was in the room.
Raph: She's such a butt slut!
by KillerByte October 18, 2004

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Ther act of being a douche bag, or the posession of qualities which are of a douche bag.
Fem: Look what Kevin Wolff did!
John: That was an act of pure and unadulterated douche baggery. Tisk tisk...
by KillerByte October 18, 2004

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The act of seducing a girl in order to smash her, and then shortly after, fleeing from the scene, leaving the girl wondering what the fuck just happened. In a hit and run, you either don't give the girl your name and number, or you give her a false name and number. It is a common scenario in one night stands, and is usually demeaning and humiliating for the woman, but gives the male something to gloat about to his friends.
John: Dude, I pulled a hit and run on Jessica last night!

Raph: Oh shit, so did I!

John: Oh shit, what a slut!
by KillerByte September 27, 2004

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Someone who puts on a false personality, usually in an attempt to get laid, or make friends with people of a different clique. A fronter may also show things off that aren't theirs, such as their daddy's rolex, their best friend's whip, etc...
Dickhead: Did you see Sean chillin' with all those punk rock kids and listening to their music?

Douchebag: Yeah, he's such a fronter.
by KillerByte March 19, 2004

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The guy from progz.org... Commonly believed to be a black hat hacker, although this myth is indeed false.
KillerByte wouldn't give me a 3char, that stingy bastard...
by KillerByte January 25, 2004

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1. Hooking up with a girl on the side, or using a girl for nothing but sex. The girl you keep on the side, just for sex and/or dome; a mistress.
Raph: Yo dude I saw you and Jackie kiss, is she your girlfriend?

John: Nah, that's just my sideplay chick.
by KillerByte October 27, 2005

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