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The act of hitting your sexual parter with a car then peering on her and fucking her and then dressing her like a duck.
I just did the hit and run Sally last night it was great!!!
by thedoctor182424621 June 14, 2014
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When somebody says something really messed up or innappropriate, then flees the scene. You are left feeling horrible and they get away with it because they are not there for you to retaliate.
My uncle has anger management issues. He insulted my son for embarassing him and then left the room before anyone could say anything. It was a real Hit and Run.
This dude I rejected told me my boyfriend was playing me with a sneering look of delight on his face, but then quickly walked away. Only a punk-ass bastard would do The Hit and Run like that.
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009
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