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Verb: to Raph
1. Give no fucks
2. Staying conceded

3. To act out in outrageous social ways
4. Wearing other people's clothes be positive, optimistic, honest, caring and whole hearted 100% of the time
6. Knowing 100% of who you are
I Was Raphin' out at Decadence last night!
by HynicBabydaddy December 31, 2016
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There are very few Raphs in the world, but it is a widely known fact that they are usually just about the greatest people ever.

Typically, Raph is an enthusiast of art in all its glory; he is usually not exclusive in his definition of "art", and likes to admire the brilliance in video games just as much as movies or paintings.

He is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to matters of the heart; he is a classic romantic for whom women are lining up in hopes that they might be swept off their feet.

This is the person with whom everyone would like to share friendship, though very few people are up to his high standards.

An innovator and a businessman, success comes easily to Raph.
1) I went over to Raph's place last night and we played this amazing game called "Journey." It was one of the most emotionally moving gaming experiences of my life! I love how he always introduces me to cool new art!
by rmcp May 01, 2012
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the alpha male of the human race, will steal your girl, a beast with a monster cock that will destroy any vagina that he encounters... absolutely gorgeous with a huge cock
can get any girl he wants. makes people laugh, and has a gigantic cock
girl 1: wow i just got fucked by that guy raph, my vagina hurts

girl 2: ohh damm let me get his dick
by rapher September 29, 2013
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Spicy and hot, like a chili. Overly patient and rational: so, basically, calculus is as easy as breathing, and PMS is no stress (its miraculous how anyone can survive PMS). Has an infectious laugh and a secretly caring heart. A not-so-secret republican, and not-so-secret opinion about how you clearly don't know what you're talking about! Funny, funky (smelling, especially in the morning, but only sometimes), and favorite friend! Has the world's sexiest friends, and a really, hot bod. Nicest guy ever, once you've met him, you won't be the same without him!
Person 1: I could really use a raph tonight.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Well, I haven't been feeling so well, it's that time, I blatantly didn't do my calc. homework, and I need a hug. So, ya, tonight's definitely a raph night.
by jazzjammr February 24, 2010
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1.Noun, Raphael, the ninja turtle whose weapon of choice is the sai. Often known for his red bandana (which is the color of all the turtles' bandanas in the original comic) and rash temper.

2.Verb, to act on the impluse to leave the room when in the company of friends/family when something is bothering oneself. Often due to brooding over a recent event and something small sets oneself off. Leaving occurs with little warning save a message such as "I'm going out" barely added while already removing oneself. Can also stem from removing oneself mentally from the crowd and then just getting bored and deciding to leave with as little of(if any) notice
1.Raph is so badass! Even if the red and green makes him christmasy, he could still KO any punk that gets in his way!

2. Jessica: Caroline, pass the chips!
Caroline: Enjoy! So whats new?
Bobby: Well- oh wait my phone's buzzing. Its Keith, I'll call him later.
*Caroline leaves*
Bobby: Whats with her?
Jessica: Oh, she's raphing. She used to date Keith and they had a bad fall out.
Bobby: Had no clue.
by RacySpeedo January 15, 2007
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saying your sick the night before to your parents in order to have evidence for staying home the next day.
Mom im feeling sick im going to bed...

Mom im feeling sick i dont think i can go to school tomorow

Friends ask where were you yesterday?
I pulled a raph.
by Raph73 November 13, 2007
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