The Hit Bitch Club (more commonly refferred to as (H.B.C.) consists of six hit bitches: PlayMoney, BluntMaster, GangGang, Reggie, Deadlungz, and Slutty P. These hit bitches stay high as fauuck. This club is often associated with the southside of Des Moines, Iowa. They got haytuhz.
The Hit Bitch Club has haytuhz.
by PlayMoney February 1, 2011
A person who stays so high all the time , person who's common sense was put aside when they picked up the meth pipe and can't put it down,you are hit ass fuck !! In other words you are beyond stupid as hell !!! A meth head puddle whore glass dick chaser with no purpose in life but to be a cum guzzler gutter slut ; this term can be used for any drug addict both male and female you are hit as fuck if you have to look this word up !!
You are one hit bitch , get of the dope hit person!!
by Darkangellynnanhas February 18, 2017
A bitch hit refers to when a person takes a poor drag, inhalation, or "hit" of marijuana. A bitch hit may refer to just puffing and not inhaling, inhaling very little and blowing out quickly, or coughing excessively and banging one's chest as if they had just swallowed fire. A bitch hit is frowned upon in cannabis culture and is not tolerated. The person who has taken the bitch hit may be ridiculed or even kicked out of the rotation.
"yo! stop takin' bitch hits man! at least inhale it you poon!"
by arabian knight August 26, 2007
the act of taking a rather large hit and coughing like a bitch afterwards.
"whoah man, that was quite the bitch hit."
by your~worst~nighmare September 22, 2012
old phrase used to describe the itchy iratated feeling u get when being bitched at thus making u wanna slap a bitch
Sally y didnt u stop where i told u to

Chuck youve been riding my ass all day like my granpa used to say u make me itch ill hit u bitch
by 468 51 July 15, 2010