A cheap street whore that will kneel down in an alley gutter and blow you for 50 cents
I met this bar whore last nite, man what a cum guzzling gutter slut she was!
by kenny lingus January 23, 2004
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Someone who will sleep with anybody - usually hoping that their friends won't find out.
J: Man, did Andy really hit that?

K: Yep, she's telling everyone. That fool becomes such a gutter slut when he's lonely.
by ShawnyB June 22, 2012
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a gutter slut is a whore who has sex in the gutter that way she has easy access to dispose the juices when all is done.
Jesse is such a gutter slut.
by mysterykitten September 12, 2010
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a trashy redneck slut whore bitch that has a nasty, disease-filled vagina (and/or asshole) that craves fat cocks the way that a baby craves tit milk.
Dude, what the fuck were you thinking when you fucked that absolute gutter slut of a human being in the asshole?
by TWON February 19, 2004
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a dirty filty low down good for nothing sewer water suckin fuckin whore
dont be fuckin with them gutter sluts!
by trevor March 10, 2003
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noun - a girl who has lost her virginity and literally will screw anything (even if it crawled out of a gutter.) They might even do it in the gutter.You know the type, they lurk around high school, proudly displaying hickeys.
bob: God damn it...the gutter sluts are back!
dude: didnt you screw one yesterday?
bob: yeah. but it's different. they are gutter sluts. its just a screw and then you keep on walking.
dude: ahhhh
by knowledgeable-keen December 5, 2006
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A female that will go lower then low to get fucked..will go out of her way to get fucked.. a chick that will suck a dick for a quarter.. a female that would fuck her mother's husband just because.. dirty stinky rounchy Bich makebavsewer rat look appetizing.
That dirty bitch just sucked of my grandpa for a cigar fucking gutter slut
by Momma-Jo July 13, 2017
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