People who think that they can rap to Hip-Hop beats but are all Pop Stars. see nelly, justin timberlake or Ja Rule
by Sklar June 2, 2003
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Music that some "hip hop" artists those songs directed at girls or the rapper himself/herself does not show that they are good lyricist but somehow a favorite at the club, maybe its catchy and can be listened by those "white folk" that say "I like hip hop, I listen to" so and so but they have no idea about the hip hop culture. I think those artists cannot be looked as one who wins battles or is very influential. I think 50 cent and Eminem are becoming a trend but if you listen to their other tracks on their albums or mixtape sh*t they show their skills(I think Em is a very talented becuz of his "Big Daddy Kane sh_t" he makes words you wonteven condsider to rhyme and makes it work. He uses his prononciation to the fullest) not like other artists, who i think are like hip hop knock-offs. No skills...check. Known to just about everyone...check. Soft...check!
Girl 1- (at the club)hey girl, this is MY song! Lets go dance, come on.
Girl 2- NO! whatever its my song.
(the girls dont walk, they run to the dance floor and shake their little pancakes)
Such artists as Nelly,Ja rule...etc.
by hiphopsmyreligion August 1, 2005
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Hip Hop music that crosses over to Top-40 Pop Charts.
This Top 40 station plays, pop, hip hop, rock, and hip-pop.
by Mike Dizzled June 30, 2004
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A word first mentioned by Binary Star as popular hip-hop music. Namely, Mtv rap songs such as anything produced by Puff Daddy since biggies demise, Ja Rule, 50cent, Eminem, etc...
50cent is a manufactured rapper, complete with his own clothing-line. He is the definition of hip-pop.
by rasul July 6, 2004
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Ja Rule's occupation, based on the devouration of hot-dogs and saying 'Murder Inc.' in every song.
... And here is Ja Rule, the unloved Hip-Pop artist who just released his new album 'Where Would I Be Without Thirty Bags of Wombat Flesh?'
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 2, 2003
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Hip Pop - a Hip Hop song that is constantly played on Pop stations.


Hip Pop - A Hip Hop Artist puts out a song that people of the hip hop community do not beleave meets the standards of Hip Hop so they would refeer to it as being Hood Pop
some people might consider Hey Ya by Outkast Hip pop.
by Wild(C)at July 5, 2004
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