(N.)The new Outkast song of 2003. Part of Andre 3000's Green Side album, "The Love Below." It's twice as popular as Big Boi's Red Side album single, "I Like The Way You Move" from "Speakerboxx." The song at one point became so popular, all of the teen cast from crappy Fox Drama, "The OC" wanted to use it as their second theme song, as said in an October 03 edition of "ET on MTV". (What the Hell!?)
"Shake it like a Polaroid Picture?" Don't do that! You'll ruin the composition and damn us all! Oh no! It's already happened!
by G-Union December 1, 2003
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A song in which the true meaning of life is written in the lyrics.
by Pete January 13, 2004
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The best song of 2003.

Written/performed by Outkast.
Speakerboxx/The Love Below includes the song "Hey Ya", a truly brilliant tune. (Buy this double CD, it's worth your money.
by Andre 3000 November 1, 2003
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A song that I'm listening to right now that I truly don't understand. Come to think of it, I don't understandany of Outkasts songs...
Oh oh...
by Zach G. November 13, 2003
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Hey man, did you know that Shakespeare wrote "Hey Ya!"?
by SpicesFromItaly January 2, 2022
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A song by Outkast that is arguably better and more satisfying than sex. With its catchy beat and awesome sounds it is truly candy for your skull.
Girl: man, i love taylor swift
Girl 2: bitch please, i only listen to Hey Ya!, by Outkast, aka the best song.
by Vinman7122 October 30, 2017
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