shittest fuckin town everrrrrrrrr, youll get raped by swamp monsters
hinton - "i once went to hinton... i came back with a side of cow, a crv and the plague"
by cop that slut August 20, 2008
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A very, very, very overwieght individual. Generally English with blonde, homosexual hair. They are usually complete assholes with no sense of humour. They think they are cool but are not nearly anything like this. They (not to be rude) have a small penis.
Guy1: Hey whos that fat faggot over there?
Guy2: Hey he must be Tom Hinton
Guy1: Yeah forgot bout that
Guy2: Watch out he might roll over you
by Uranus<3 October 10, 2011
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A Professor Sean Hinton (usually shortened to a 'Sean Hinton' or a 'Prof Sean') is a cocktail. Served in a tall glass with ice it is composed of two shots of Jamieson's irish whisky, two shots of Jack Daniel's and is topped up with coke.

The purpose of a cocktail is to make spirits more palatable, a Professor Sean Hinton employs Jamieson's to take the edge off Jack Daniel's, unconventionally creating a more alcoholic beverage in the process.
"I'd like a Professor Sean Hinton please"
by bostasp_pub_crew August 31, 2006
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cutie little carrot top she had a thing with one of the most stank boys in our grade(uhh um evan uh hummm) anyways overall nobody actually knows her name and she’s known as hintins little sister
by lol🐸🐔🐷🐵 May 7, 2021
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to exaggerate in an extreme manner. Totally stretching the truth. Turning an anthill into a mountain.
Holy shit dude he was totally hintonizing that story
yea I know, you know only half of that actually happened right?!
by nocturnal1324 May 28, 2011
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