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A town in central New Jersey of about 40,000 people. Despite it's somewhat large population, the town still has a rural (diminishing) feel to it. Landwise, it is huge and you can easily have friends that live in the same town as you, yet it takes 20 minutes to get to their house. There is no downtown here, altough they are supposedly planning to "create" one along the main business drag. Football is huge here, yet the high school team sucks on a perrenial basis. The town is mostly white (73%), but there are a ton of Asians (East Asian and Indians) moving in along with a smaller contigent of African Americans. Many people here hope that Hillsborough doesn't end up like Edison, NJ.
Funnest thing to do in Hillsborough is either the movie theatre or Applebees.
by Corpswhore97 October 17, 2010

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