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like said above, used after a great insult. I learned this from my friend Adam. He claims to have made up this interjection, and i'll still stand by his statement after reading the definition on this site.

After using the term "buh-zing" its neccessary to say "zinger accomplished!"
Adam : "hey robert, who's America's favorite vegetable?"
Robert : "i dont know. who?"
A : "Terry Shiavo"
R : "oooooh"
A : "Buh-zing"
R : "Zinger accomplished!"
by crazyfool September 15, 2005

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1.)I brand new pair of shoes. Nice and clean with no scuffs or stains. When you buy fresh new kickers everyone loves you and comments your new shoes.

2.) Old man term for new shoes
1.) Hey man I like them fresh kickers you got there! Nice and white, them junks is tiiiight!

Larry(the old maintenance guy):Hey there Robert, got some new kickers there do ya?

Robert: Yeah, Larry, they're DC's.

Larry: DC's?
by crazyfool February 03, 2005

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probably one of the better radio stations in MD or the DC area. Plays a lot of Alternative, Hard Rock, a little bit of classic rock and everyonce in a while some hip hop such as Cypress Hill, House of Pain, and Beastie Boys.

Dont listen to DC 101 on Saturday's after 10 pm. THey have this segment called Flounder's Mash Ups which are some of the worst mash ups of all time. Some are okay but you are more than likely to hear a bad one.
"DC 101 is awesome. Good music, Good DJs"

"Yeah, except that Flounder guy. What a tool. I still like 98 Rock better. THE ROCK STATION!"
by crazyfool July 13, 2005

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It's one of the better radio stations in the Maryland or DC area. A good bit of Alternative, some Hard Rock, and a little bit of Hip Hop/Rap is played on this FM station. Some of their favorite bands are Alice in Chains, System of a Down, Metallica, Janes Addiction, and Nirvana. The rap groups that you would hear on this fine radio station are House of Pain and the Beastie Boys.

DC 101 is very similar to the WHFS 99.1 before they changed formats from Alternative to Salsa or some BS. Do not listen to DC 101 after 10pm on Saturdays unless you want to listen to the worst mash ups of all time. The segment is called Flounder's Mash Ups and they SUCK!
JON - Hey man did u catch Elliot in the Morning today?

JOE - Nah, I'm not much on Elliot, I listen to KML on 98 Rock! Sucks that Lopez died, RIP brother. But DC 101's format is the shit!

JON - Elliot's cool but that Flounders mash up shit sucks. Missy Elliot with Korn?!!11 WTF!!11?
by Crazyfool July 15, 2005

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a part of san mateo, california. filled with uber rich, arogent snops that play cricket on their front lawn.
screw hillsborough, lets go to shoreview
by CrazyFool December 30, 2004

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