A talentless girl who tries to be punk but can't. She gives all punk people a bad name, she should just jump off a cliff and DIE!
Slut, whore, bitch, crack head, hoe
by Nicole September 09, 2004
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POSER!!! She thinks that if she dates joel from good charlotte that she can be punk! She needs to go back to aaron carter! Shes such a fuckin gay prep!
And WTF was joel thinking when he asked her out???
Hilary and her sister cannot sing!
I cant beleive her sister got a part in napoleon dynamite she ruined the movie!
by Enna B. January 16, 2005
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A girl with a dual personality. One is a preppy teenage girl that needs to hit the gym. She thinks shes pretty. The other is a preppy teenage girl that thinks shes punk because she wore black pants and a red shirt on the same day, and even added a studded bracelet.
She has a clothing line, Stuff by Duff, that encourages innocent little girls to think they're punk because they bought a Stuff by Duff desk set that says "Punk Chick" on it.
Thanks, to Duff's manager, Susan Duff, we are forced to put up with the disaster. Blame her.
Girl: Hey, like, wanna go to a Hilary Duff concert??
Girl2: Yeah! Mabye my mom will take us to Target so we can waste my dads hard earned money on things that have Lizzy McGuire's face on them!!!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
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stupid blonde who doesnt know how to sing or has no vocal talents. some thing about her i do not like she sucks
i wanna rip her head off. rite NOW
by mc July 11, 2004
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a fat talentless goody-goody that only "goody-goodies" actually like. thinks she's so cool and punk and couldn't sing to save her life. looks up to britney spears and maybe avril even though avril's dissed hilary a million times. wears black to make her look slim even though she knows she's gained 1,000 lbs. if she's so pretty then why does she have to have 10 pounds of make-up on wherever she goes?
Person: Oh my gosh Hilary Duff is so cool!

Other Person: You must be on crack.
by H8herandalwayswill December 22, 2004
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When a pedophile poses as a record producer and intices an underaged hottie with a recording contract and movie deal in order to get her into an "audition" at his studio apartment. Later he sells the video clips of her "performance" on his website for $29.95!
Pedophile:"Dude, I ran into this hot 14 year old and I so Hilary Duff'ed her!"
Undercover cop:"Congratulations! You are now someones future Bitch!" Handcuffs come out...
by Lord Meatclown August 09, 2004
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The worst pop star in the entire world. Her music is a piece of shit, her movies are horrible, and she's so fucking fake looking! I mean, she's a total fake blonde and a poseur punk. Anyone who likes her is fucking crazy or a 10 year old girl who'll grow up to be a prostitute or a stripper. If you like Hilary, GET A LIFE! Honestly!
POSEUR: Hey, girlfriend! Check out this new Hilary CD, Metamorphosis! It's like, so, like, hawt! OMG you should so buy it and rock out!
PERSON: You suck balls. Go find some good music, bitch.

POSEUR: (sings) Let the raaaaain fall down...
PERSON: Aw fuck turn that shit off, it's like drowning in a vat of Cotton Candy! Jesus!

PERVERT: Oh, man, I wanna do Hilary up the ass...
PERSON: Have you even seen her? She's so ugly and fake!
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