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Referring to a person of African American decent that has very light skin, also see redbone
That girl is so high yellow, she lights up a dark room!
by spmack November 11, 2003
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There's nothing derogatory about being High yellow. It has nothing to do with jealousy of darker complexioned blacks, or bi-racials who think they are better then others. Not all light skinned black people are biracial, though most have white somewhere in their lineages, both their parents can be black and still be born light skin.

It just refers to black people, who tend to have lighter complexions with "yellow" undertones. When buying make up, the women have to look for makeup with a yellowish tint to it, rather then a red tint.

Just like how some Asians have a yellowish under tone, so do these blacks.

The alternative is a "Red Bone" a lighter complexioned black who has more of a red undertone to their skin, like Indians and white people.

Black people come in a variety of different shades and colors. Even darker complexioned blacks have a red or yellowish undertone to them, but it's just more visible in lighter skin.

High Yellow, High Yella, High Yeller refer to one variation of black coloring. It's not derogatory nor if a person calls themselves "high yellow" does it mean they are high saddity or think they are better then other blacks.
If a black persons skin looks more like an Indians skin, they are red bone.

If it looks more like an Asians skin, they are high yellow. It's as simple as that
by JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE December 25, 2013
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A term used to describe mixed Americans (some of whom appear White, but may be of African, European, Native American or Asian mixture) whom choose to identify as Black Americans to honor their Black Slave ancestry.

Many appear as "exotic" individuals often mistaken for many different races. Many have tan complexions, Blue or grey/green /brown eyes, Black/Sandy/Blond/Red/ hair.

Considered in many parts of the world as exceptionally beautiful. Some CHOOSE to identify as Black instead of the cultural privileges associated with being identified as a White American. Many prefer to be known simply as MIXED.
You look Italian, Brazilian, Native American. What are you? I've never seen anyone like you before. Are you "High Yellow"?

Federick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Dorothy Dandridge, Halle berry, J. Edgar Hoover, Florence La Rue, Ice Tea, Carol Channing.
My favorite reply is...Human.(smile)
by P.Vought September 08, 2007
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(pronounced High Yella) A derogatory term used by ignorant dark skinded African Americans toward Light Skinded African Americans that is the result of the dark skinded African American being jealous.. in most cases the dark skinded one is unhappy with him/herself and either conciously or subconciuosly wish's they were about 5 shades lighter themselve.
Did you see that litte high yellow pretty ass bitch the other day taken all the black men?? Who the hell that ho think she is!?
by B JizZle September 23, 2006
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That be when a brother try to claim he down even though one of he parents had blond hair and the other was half black, but he perpetrating like he the hardest, downest thug on the block.
Jawad going to set up there acting all down with the motherland when he high yellow trying to pass like Sinbad.
by RLp May 25, 2005
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