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Referring to a person of African American decent that has very light skin, also see redbone
That girl is so high yellow, she lights up a dark room!
by spmack November 11, 2003
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When someone says that they will do something around a bunch of people to look good when they have no intention of doing anything at all. Derived from when Tommy Davidson as Varnel Hill invited Martin on his talk show to the public but didn't really want him to go on his show.
Jay: Robert, are you going to the club with us later?

Robert: Yeah, I'll be there for sure.

*later that night*

Don: Jay what happened to Robert?

Jay: He ain't coming. He was just giving us a bunch of Hollywood Talk.
by spmack November 30, 2006
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refers to a rapper who makes an album or song that caters to the mainstream media instead of the urban audience.
People don't want to buy his album anymore because it's too commercial, it has no realness.
by spmack November 11, 2003
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(N) : Cologne, what guys wear to in fact, "smell good".
I need to put on some smell goods to impress the ladies.
by spmack June 22, 2005
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noun, what a man calls a woman that is his #1 girl, as apposed to the other females he may have.
Yeah man I can let my main find out about her because it's going to be a lot of trouble if she does!
by spmack November 11, 2003
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