A tackle in football where the player with the ball is hit by two defensive tacklers, one hits the chest or higher while the other hits him in the knees or lower from the opposite side. usually results in excruciating pain or injury.
right when the reciever caught the ball he was High Lowed by the corner back and linebacker. he was unable to walk off the field.
by forizzle nizzle March 25, 2011
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A riderless, fork lift type divice, used to move palletized product vertically.
Anslom: "What has happened?"
Bob: "The Drunk hit Meg with the High Low!"
by Hump December 10, 2004
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A tree-hugging hippie. So called after hylozoism — the belief that trees have souls.
Hey look over there! Bellingham's full of high-lows!
by Knighshade July 11, 2004
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when person 1 has any type of projectile (snowball, football, marble, etc.)and person 2 has a second projectile. The team then picks a victim. person 1 throws projectile 1 high into the air. while victim 1 watches projectile 1 in the air, person 2 throws projectile 2 directly at victim 1 while he/she isn't looking.
yo, when maggie walks out of the gym, we're gonna high/low her with snowballs
by Rboyle April 8, 2007
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When one lobs a snowball high, then fires one low to catch the unexpecting receipent in the nuts!
Boy Don really got me in that snowball fight yesterday! He caught me off gaurd by firing a Carolina High Low at me and nailed me in the nuts!
by Saint-Augustine April 30, 2010
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texting your crush but you don’t want them to notice you like them
“high low view <3”
by yoongis left foot April 4, 2021
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For this Job you need a bed whitch end can be manged with a remote control, like in a hospital. The girl shoud be lieing on te bed. You 've to be on top with your dick in her mouth. You can make the girl suck the dich with two buttons on your remote contol.
The high-low job: Richard's hormones were very aggresive when he went to the hospital. When he saw his girlfriend lieing in a coma, he grabbed te remote control and put his dick in er mouth, the girl worked it like a baby on a mothers breast.
by vreetkikker September 5, 2009
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