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Ameli's are kind and cute. They will always help you out with anything. They're great problem solvers and would make excellent girlfriends. Ameli's usually like instruments like the violin and are usually great at playing it. Ameli's are usually dancers and can out perform anyone. Ameli's have sassy attitude and will kick your butt if you make them mad.
That new girl is really nice and help, I bet she's an Ameli
by Los_trumpets November 24, 2018
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1)The name for a beautiful girl who has a fantastic personality. A girl who has problems, and is an anorexic goddess-heaven sent.
2)A mili A mili A mili
3)Another word for a stripper
"Whoahh, look at that sexy anorexic girl. She's an ameli!"

"I loved it when that ameli danced on me!"
by Sssammy February 06, 2009
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