A person of with a traditional title of the Spanish nobility or gentry. A knight or conquistador.
Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo and Don Quijote, the Hidalgo de la Mancha.
by Professor Hidalgo November 11, 2008
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A flabby male who loves to eat fast food and is obsessed with grapplers ball sacks
Hidalgo eats too much fast food and his obsession with the rock is insane
by BrentThe4th November 22, 2021
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Hidalgo: Ive always known where the surf beach is
by Eric DiCandilo September 28, 2006
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Hidalgo Mexico - State in Mexico, it's capital city is Pachuca de Soto. located in east-central Mexico & is bordered by San Luis Potosí & Veracruz on the north, Puebla on the east, Tlaxcala & State of Mexico on the south & Querétaro on the west.

The state was named after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Initiator of the Mexican War of Independence.

Popular foods here include

Your traditional tacos,tamales,

number of edible insects,Other local animals still used for food tadpoles (called atepocates), salamanders ,squirrels & rabbits.cactus pears/fruits,guajillo chili peppers,

Trompada - melted, twisted brown sugar with peanuts or coconut.

Achocote - a corn-based drink sweetened with unrefined brown sugar

Ungüis - cornmeal tamales seasoned with syrup made from unrefined brown sugar, anise & cinnamon

Pulque - A mildly intoxicating drink made by fermenting the sap, or aguamiel, of the maguey agave.

empanadas made with wheat flour filled with ground meat, potatoes, salt, pepper & parsley.

Tlacoyos - a elongated buttered & oiled corn tortilla ,variety of beans , red or green salsa,onions ,cheese ,cilantro.

Choice of Lamb ,rabbit,venison or beef
Chickpeas,spices,rice,Blue corn tortillas wrapped in maguey leaves

That gave a particular flavor with

Mexican BBQ meats that were slow cooked .

Requintada - wormwood,brandy ,Anise,mint all mixed together.
Hidalgo Mexico, indigenous peoples here such as the Otomi, retain much of their traditional culture. In addition to Mexicans of Spanish descent, there are also notable immigrant cultures: those of the descendants of Cornish miners from Cornwall (located in South West England) who arrived in the 19th century,a few self-proclaimed Italian descendants, & a small Jewish enclave which claims to be descended from Sephardi Jews which came to New Spain in the 16th century.

Hidalgo is known for its mountainous terrain along with the Huasteca area, the ruins of Tula, natural hot water springs, old haciendas.

Hidalgo is one of the states within the Mexican republic where traditions from native ancestors are kept alive & active.

the Nahua, the Otomí, & the Tepehua, all of still speak their own languages .

The Jalisco Cartel New Generation runs
Hidalgo primarily with oil theft .

Hidalgo is also a 2004 movie that has nothing to do with Hidalgo Mexico but
If you like westerns check it out.
by Blu_leef January 30, 2023
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When a guy gets fucked in the ass by his girlfriend with a dildo, or other long, hard, object and then performs oral sex on the dildo.
Ben likes to receive Rusty Hidalgo's, because he can get pounded in the ass and suck himself off.
by Jorge Luis Villarosa April 23, 2008
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The most awesomest part of Mexico, located in Michoacan. The people from ciudad hidalgo all know each other and they all know how to party.
Person 1: De que parte de México eres?
Person 2: Ciudad Hidalgo
by astrification October 9, 2013
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