In Britain, 'gentry' is the term applied for those people who belong to the upper class with country estates often (but non always!) farmed on their behalf by others, and who may be without a peerage or other hereditay title.
"Ok, Tommy darling, now that you're in London, there's a thing you must know. This isn't America...So, before we go out visiting my cockney friends, dress well, drive on the LEFT side, mix with the local gentry, and don't crash Tarquin's Bentley..."

"Ugh, ok, honey. I promise. Who's this Tarquin anyway? "
by Bob Williams (UKaddicted) June 30, 2006
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The art of shoving your fingers into someones butt crack.
HAHA, I gave you a Mrs. Gentry. Did it hurt?
by Mac Dean August 19, 2006
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This name is for someone that is : awesome, cooooo, fun, funny, purty, flirty, ect.
Person A : "omg whose that!?:D"
Person B: "That's Gentry!"
by penissssssssss/balls June 11, 2009
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sweetest girl you will ever meet:) always has a smile on her face; you can't miss her. she's like the happy pill everyone needs on a daily basis, a sorter of relationships, a genuinely smart and talented girl, a dancer, she knows how to handle boys, especially ones named eric and aaron becuz they are VERY hard to handle, loves life, constantly uplifts and instructs cough cough* Eric and Aaron deals with what's given to her, doesn't take crap, someone deserving of everything
"Hey Gentrie, i failed my test and Aaron broke up with me...i feel like crap..."
"No missy!! *smiles* Honey you are beautiful and special and are worth so much more than idiots looking for your attention!! Call me if you need anything, honey."
"Thanks Gentrie!"
"*giggles and smiles big* No problem, honey!!"
by theoneheloves93 March 4, 2010
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1. Someone who blames his/her poor performance on everyone except himself/herself, even though such performance is a direct result of his/her own lack of effort or intelligence.

2. Some who is unwilling to accept inferiority in a particular area, even though it is evident that he/she is weaker when it comes to that area.
Example 1: Although the gentry did not study at all for the test, he insisted that his teacher and fellow peers was to blame for his failing grade.

Example 2: Kyle has beaten him in nearly basketball game the two have played against each other, and yet the gentry still insists that he is a better hooper than Kyle.
by NaomiStar May 23, 2008
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this is a poo that delivers horific pain as it enters the canal, causes you stomach to cramp and pains to shoot down your leg ,it holds no mercy as it exits the body and then just floats in the toilet as if nothing happened, also can be associated with the "sites".
i was on my way out the door for work, when all of a sudden a gentry snuck out of nowhere and had me begging for mercy.
by Crazyeeee July 20, 2009
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A good friend who can sometimes be annoying. He's really buff and is usually the strongest of the group
Damn, that gentri kid over there is buff!
by Christophernious May 13, 2015
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