Hickory is a small to medium sized town that is literally an hour away from anywhere cool. An hour from Boone, Charlotte, Winston Salem, and Asheville. It is home to textile and furniture plants, or should I say WAS home to them, they decided to screw half the town and move their business to China or wherever the fuck people will work for pennies a day. Hickory is home to one of the largest unemployment rates in the state. There are also two colleges in Hickory. CVCC (Catawba Valley Community College) is where the locals go after they get laid off from their shitty factory job, or where people go if they dont have the money for a real college. Then there is Lenoir Rhyne College where rich Lutheran snobs ship their trustafarians to get educated. Usually these kids dont leave the 3 block radius that is LR, but they think they own the fucking town. There is also a movie theatre that is a $1.50 but most of the time they play movies that are going to be on video the following tuesday. The Carmike is over priced, and the Crown Cinema is disgustingly filthy. The only good thing about Hickory is that one day, God willing, the entire town will fall into a giant sink hole. Preferably starting with the giant wal-mart where everyone thinks it is the coolest thing ever to cruise the parking lot and block traffic for hours. Hickory is the kind of place that makes you realize why North Carolina is a red state.
Girl: "So, where are you from?"
Guy: "Hickory."
Girl: "Where?"
Guy: "Exactly."
by tekg33k February 27, 2006
A relatively small town in Western North Carolina. Home to Dale Jarrett, multiple textile and furniture factories. Home of Hickory High School. Populated by snobby, middle to upper class southerners and white trash and no one in between. Oh yeah, there is a large African-American population and Hispanic population (someone has to work in the white man's factories.) Majority of the citizens have lived in or near the city their entire lives. They attempt to keep a small town feel while exploiting the city by developing many different businesses that have an adverse effect on the town's small feeling.

Also, many of the city's residents are ignorant, racist, bigoted, and hateful.

The high schools are populated mostly with prepnecks. In other words, preppy rich kids who attempt to play themselves off as rednecks.

Not to mention, the city sucks ass and there is nothing to do. You should never live there.
People from Hickory are homophobic.
by Roger Watts February 6, 2005
This town is the biggest hellhole of a town in Western North Carolina. The Dollar Theatre is the only good place (even though they play old ass movies) because they always have nachos unlike the Carmike. It's sad when people find entertainment in going to Wal-Mart, "Hickory Dickory Dock", Shell's BBQ, and Valley Hills Mall. I mean, the city is so fucked up that the biggest news during that certain time was that there was a big ass sinkhole in the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot on Highway 70 that swallowed a car. And really, who gives a damn about Dale Jarrett being from there, he won one race for fucks sake.
Hickory is home to the biggest redneck NASCAR fans ever. NASCAR is almost like a religion in some homes.

Hickory is also one of the easiest places to get lost in. It has the absolutely most horrible street names ever. I mean, there will be "25 Ave Dr" and "25 Ave Dr Ln" (and lane just has to be in microscopic fucking letters with a damn ficus tree going around the sign) right fucking next to each other!

Also, Hickory is the home of Saint Stephens Highschool, which is the most amazing school ever (unlike Hickory High). Saint has less fighting, more funny people, and though it has the nickname "Skank Stephens" has fewer babies born to students.
Oh you're from Hickory? No wonder you're fucked up...
Hickory is a slang term for being under the influence of marijuana. It is derived from the association to hickory sticks, a type of potato chip snack in the form of small sticks usually in a hickory smoked flavor. Hickory sticks being a delightful salty snack when one gets the munchies that for their small size will not fill you up when eaten one at a time in a repetitive manner. The marijuana cigarette may also be referred to as a Hickory Stick
"I'm feeling Hickory"
"That guy is really Hickory"
"Do you want some Hickory?"
by BentoGirl August 7, 2012
In the 1790s, a tavern was built in the northwest section of Catawba County. This area became known as Hickory Tavern. This name remained intact for almost 100 years. The city of Hickory was established in 1870. Over 40,000 people reside in this city today. Hickory is the economic, social, and cultural center of the Catawba Valley.

Hickory was also know as "The Furniture Manufacturing Capital of the World" until recently as most plants have closed or moved production oversea's. Though it still retains the title as the "birthplace" of duct tape, originally invented during WWII at Shuford Mills as sealant for burst pipes in submarines the company has since changed it's name to Shur-Tape Technologies offering a wide variety of adhesives. Hickory is also home to racing legend Dale Jarrett (UPS #88), after winning the Winston-Cup race during the 90's he has since not won anymore races. Hickory made national headlines in 2002 after a rainstorm created one of the largest sinkholes ever, it also swallowed a brand new Corvette in the process. The sinkhole occurred in the parking lot of Buffalo's restaurant, the city inspector deemed the building unsafe and the owners closed to do extensive and expensive repair work to the parking lot and building, the restaurant closed within months of reopening.

Hickory is also home to one of the finest learning establishments ever created, Hickory High School (HHS). The school is extremely stratified in its socio-economic classes as well as race. Armed police officers patrol the school campus to prevent and break up the common physical conflicts that erupt between students. Surprisingly, most of these fights are between students belonging to the same social group. Although the majority of teachers are inept in both areas of subject matter and teacher-pupil relations, a few are exemplary in their skills and seem to make up for the rest of them.
by Toskinator June 1, 2005
any thing or person that is country, southern or hillbilly
"man, my whole family is hickory"
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 25, 2008