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1. A love interest. 2. A hot girl. (source: Bondi Hipsters)
"You can't go round Bondi chasing salty snacks all day."
"I heard you have a new Delicious salty snack"
by HippoHipsterLicious January 23, 2015
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Basically, a guy or girl whose irritability/pissed-off nature makes them inexplicably more sexy.

From American English "salty" -- perpetually irritable, just generally angry for no justifiable reason
+ American English "snack" -- an especially attractive guy or girl.
Girl 1: Hey, what's up with John over there? Is it his fucking time of month or something?

Girl 2: Hey, don't do that. Yeah, he's pissy and all, but it's kinda hot. He's one salty snack.

Girl 1: ... You're joking.
by The Great Flying Fool May 27, 2017
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