A rather mysterious guy who is attractive; usually tan and stronger or taller than average. Sometimes this person has mutual friends with you, but isn't connected to you directly.
Me: Did you see that new guy in our class today? I don't remember seeing him before..

Ashley: Yeah, the guy in back? He's a major hickle. I think Karen is friends with him.

Me: I need to find out who he is!
by kara_bear_ January 22, 2011
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Hickle, a retarded lazy worthless piece of crap. a worthless lazy human being. someone who doesnt work. usually one who has profound body odor and poor hygiene skills. one who consume air but does little else. a worthless individual.
Don't be a hickle, he's being a hickle
by bone4damoney June 20, 2006
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A presummed hick who has been allowed to sit in his own creative juices for a prolonged period of time, allowing for him to experience a kind of 'hillbilly renaissance' in which he tried to revert to a common form of normal.
Hick 1. "(between draws on a smoke) Duuuude... did you see what your cousin Bo did to his truck!?"

Hick 2. "Duuuude... what!?"

Hick 1. "(whisper voice) He lowered it! Them docs ain't lyin' to us! He is really turning into a hickle!"
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