A small crack or opening, preferably directed toward the anal crack.
The kid played terrible in poker, and therefore was spanked in the hiatus by his mother for his wrongdoing.
by Big Steve December 4, 2004
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What twenty øne piløts will NOT come back from the clique has lost hope
"Twenty Øne puløts has been on a hiatus June 2017!
by MayaBitchAss January 10, 2018
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when fbr tells you to shut the f*ck up
“why is twenty one pilots still on hiatus?”
by trash2004 April 14, 2018
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When somebody decides to "give up" or take a break from some of their otherwise favorite things.
Morgan, who decided to go on a hiatus from boys, beer, and books, is no longer on a hiatus and is ready to go crazy again!
by bestiexoxo February 28, 2011
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When you stop posting in your journal or blog or community for a while.
This community is on hiatus until I find another mod.
This journal is on hiatus while I traipse through Southern America for the summer.
by BeckyMay May 16, 2005
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A sex craved unicorn who is out to kill in many ways. Book may be released in the future. HIATUS! is pronounced (Hi-Ay-Tus) which is always spoken in a shouting, heroic, manner and spelled in all capital letters. This unicorn has a 46 inch penis and has a feet licking fetish. Meeting HIATUS! may result in: Death, death, harder death, soft death, rape death, rape, or even EXTREME DEATH! which is when you are brought back as a spider, drowned in sperm, and then brought back to life as a zebra which will be chopped in half by HIATUS!'s pre-sharpened penis.

HIATUS! Must always be drawn releasing his sperm because if you were to take a photograph that is what you would see because HIATUS! has an unlimited sperm count.
Dave met HIATUS! and was lucky enough only to suffer the consequence of rape death.
by ChTHEesBRICKter November 22, 2010
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taking a break from stuff ok
you dont use it as an adjective u lil shits
if youre going to use it in a sentence use it right or else you will look idiotic and dumb
dumb motherfucker: "oh im gonna be on hiatus from her ugh shes such a bitch wow"
sass queen: "dude if you're gonna use the word use it right"
dumb motherfucker: *doesnt realize how stupid he sounds*
by fuckyeahmotherfuckers April 24, 2013
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