A long break in between seasons or episodes of a show or book.
The sherlockians have gone insane on their hiatus.

Sherlock really needs new episodes. The fandom has been on hiatus for two years already.

The sherlockians have been making strange gifs ever since their hiatus began again.
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by Super-Who-Locked April 28, 2016
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A gap or interruption in time, or continuity; a break.
"my blog will be on hiatus for awhile"
by psychedelic64 October 15, 2003
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A break from something for a certain amount of time. Most notably used by musical groups who break up with the intention of not staying broken up (even if they don't know how long they'll be that way).

List of notable bands on Hiatus at the time this definition was written:
Foo Fighters
Sonic Youth
Fall Out Boy
I saw the Foo Fighters at their last show before going on Hiatus.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 10, 2012
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When somebody decides to "give up" or take a break from some of their otherwise favorite things.
Morgan, who decided to go on a hiatus from boys, beer, and books, is no longer on a hiatus and is ready to go crazy again!
by bestiexoxo February 27, 2011
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