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Originally a ZZL poster; now commonly used to refer to anyone who refuses to see the logic of an argument and who posts links to rightwing websites as proof of such illogical thinking.
I could respond to the substance of your argument but I'd rather pull an HiA.
by The great commander March 07, 2004
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A really twisted way of saying 'hey you'
See heya. Use only with close cousins and the like. Can also be a twisted way of say 'hey you all' (hey y'all). Whichever...depens on the prononciation.
'Hia hun, what's up?'
by koko April 12, 2005
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An adorkable, short, brown girl. One of the most awesome people you will EVER meet. She has a huge appetite and a huge heart.

Pronounced: Hee-ah, not High-ah.
Hia, of course!
by N-stah June 13, 2010
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Hands in air, used as a response to the acronym "smh"
Girl commenting on a pic of a toddler throwing the deuces: LOL! you always got her doing some gansta shit. She's probably just showing us how old she is. smh

Toddler's Dad: Hahaha nah she's three, lol she just does that shit when you take pictures of her. hia
by That Dude Derek June 24, 2011
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HIA, or HIA Syndrome, is short for "Head-in-Ass" Syndrome. It is used of people whose heads are stuck so far up their own asses they can't see the real world around them. Especially of climate change deniers or mindlessly pro-growth economists who seem to think there are non-physical dimensions the economy can grow into after it eviscerates the Earth. Also of Glenn Beck.
"That guy's got a serious case of HIA."
by teyesahr March 11, 2010
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When it's humid out and your butt and inner thighs sweat and rub against each other creating a painful rash due to the chaffing. HIAS is also commonly associated with Butt Puddy and Swamp Ass
by Butt dr. May 03, 2010
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hia = heard it already
usually when people, want to show you a song that they think they found or heard first
tim: OMG listen to the song i kissed a girl I bet you havnt heard it
tom: hia
by michael:] May 03, 2009
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