8 definitions by Devilish ✨

He's a fucking gangsta
Belongs to the Shelby family

Has a buiness mentality
No one ever looks at me the way he does
Caring personality
Keeps flirting around

Kinda funny

Be careful he might double date lol..jk
He'll give you a lot of attention

Keeps calling me ma'am
Mysterious person✨<3
His name is pratham shelby which means the first but sometimes he may come the last (especially in birthday parties)
by Devilish ✨ July 22, 2022
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1. If she/he give you attention in their busy schedule no matter what they do

2. If she/he calls you by some cute nickname.
3. If she/he maintains eye contacts.
4. If she/he support you with your will or ideas.
5. If she/he bites her/his lips when being around you.
6. If she/he call you ma'am or sir

7. If she calls you her best friend/close friend
8. If her/his bestfriends and friends know you

9. If her/his parents know you.
10. If she/he asks you to wear certain colored dress just to match her/his own outfit

11. If she/he randomly hugs you.

12. If she/he sits in front of you, facing you, just to look into your eyes
Idk what to say but she's really showing some signs of love and I think even I'm falling for her
by Devilish ✨ July 10, 2022
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Putting lots of y's in the word doesn't mean she wants to fuck you , you dumbass

It simply means she's in a good mood or if she's your close friend then it's just a way to greet you

Stop thinking bout sex 24/7
Heyyyyy I'm in such a good mood today
by Devilish ✨ July 10, 2022
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A Boyish girl

Loves to dress like a boy basically that's her comfort
Charismatic girl

Always has so much energy

Lightens up the environment with her electric soul
A very good painter

Beautiful in her own ways✨
Always complains about her body even though she's perfect✨
Doesn't give a fuck about boys even tho she's straight fo sho

A wild and savage person who will be with ya forever if you're one of her close friends
Vinamrata, if you are reading this love ya bishhhh✨<3

M: when are we gonna get to see Vinamrata. I miss her so much
K: I miss her toooo✨
by Devilish ✨ July 7, 2022
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It's an infamous song by Ariana Grande
It means woman is a god basically.
It has nothing to do with God.
It tells about how much power women have that they deserve a lot more respect than men.
They literally created this world.
Everyone reading this are also existing because of their mother and their sacrifices during the pregnancy time and even after that.
The song says having a pussy is power.
Be proud to be a women.
Women are not sex toys.
And stop abusing someone by calling a slut or a whore just because she wore a short dress.
Many men play with women's feelings as they don't know yet that God is a woman.
by Devilish ✨ July 7, 2022
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Eyes are the windows through which we can peep into each other's souls. Those pupils are like the oceans but be careful you can dive in them and also sometimes suffocate and die in them.
Making eye contact is that process and the by-products may be
1. Butterflies
2. Blush
3. Happiness
4. Weird feeling
5. Anxiety

6. Goosebumps
7. Arousal
8. (In the worst case) kids
Making eye contact incessantly can make you fall in love in the most unexpected situations 🤍✨
by Devilish ✨ July 20, 2022
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I do this most of the time (unless I'm wearing my lip gloss)
1. I'm nervous about something
2. I'm thinking about something

3. When my lips go dry

4. If I'm feeling cold
5. It doesn't mean I want to kiss you
Biting lips isn't always lewd
by Devilish ✨ July 14, 2022
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