A heterosexual person is attracted to people of the opposite sex. Boys who like girls and women who like men are heterosexual. ... When you think of a married couple or parents, it's usually been a man and woman โ€” in other words, a heterosexual couple. However, being heterosexual is only one sexual orientation.
Man loves women, women love man that is Heterosexual
by Gotham. Queen February 14, 2018
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A person who is attracted to the opposite gender. Heterosexuality is the most common sexual orientation in the world (but by no means "normal". It is simply more common than some variations of human sexuality).

Only tiny minorities are exclusivly heterosexual or exlusively homosexual (somewhere between 2 to 5% each); most are somewhere in between those two extremes.

Slang terms for heterosexuials include straight.
Many (ignorant/prejudiced) heterosexuals like to abuse or try to change sexual minorities, like homosexuals (who love members of the same sex), bisexuals (who love both sexes), pansexuals (who are love anybody; male, female, intersex, whoever), and asexuals (who have no sexual desires whatsoever), and seem to believe that these people can become straight, despite that sexual orientation is pretty much fixed for life.

What causes heterosexuality? People always ask what causes pan-, bi-, a-, and homosexuality, but hardly question heterosexuality.
by Lorelili August 15, 2005
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"Dude I am so... heterosexual. I fuck bitches without rubbers."
"Well I'm so heterosexual that I have sex with the opposite sex."
by bestieto69 April 08, 2009
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One who is sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex.

For some reason some people (def. 2) seem to think that heterosexuals are all homophobic or think other sexual preferences are 'wrong'. Really, most heterosexual people don't have a proplem with homosexuality at all.

Heterosexual is the most common sexual orientation in the world, not because everyone is secretly gay and don't want to come out with it, but because people are born that way. However quite a lot of the new generation are gay or bisexual so this could change soon.

So please don't think that heterosexual people are all completely anit-gay, only straight because it's their religeon, secretly homosexual, or anything like that. Not all heterosexuals make it their life's work to abuse homosexuals. We've usually got better stuff to do.
When I read def 2, I felt ashamed of my heterosexuality. I thought to myself, "This must have been how gay people felt before they were accepted."
by TheBritishOne February 06, 2010
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People that are both romantically and sexually attracted to the opposite gender. So females are attracted to males/males are attracted to females.

This is obviously the most common sexual orientation in the world, due to biology. (You can only get offspring if a male and female have sex) and probably due to religious and social factors (it's a crime in some places to not be heterosexual, and many religions condemn homosexuality/bisexuality)

However, just because it's the most common, and "socially/biologically/religiously" corrct, doesn't necessarily mean homosexuality and bisexuality are wrong or "weird".

Everyone should have the choice and right to be what they want to be, including their sexual choice. It's in no one's place to judge or condemn people because of their sexuality. Just like it's wrong to judge people based on his/her race, sex or socio-economic class.

I'm a bisexual male, but prefers females to other males. (Bisexuality does not mean you are secretly gay, or like both genders equally)

So I am half heterosexual? lol.
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One who is sexually attracted to their opposite gender. Basically what God or Yahweh or Buddha or Brahman or Tom Cruise put us on the world to be.
by Dick Clicker September 20, 2018
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