To Herzog is to do something you know you shouldn't due to tremendous peer pressure.
She did a Herzog when she jumped her tired horse
by Equine Affairiter September 13, 2011
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when a girl has sex with a guy then attempts to have sex with his friend immediantly after.
last night jill pulled a herzog on jim after she finished with joe.
by ollie6189545 June 13, 2009
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To involuntarily throw up or vomit in one's mouth
"If you continue to talk about Ron Jeremy naked, I will herzog.
by downhomecookin April 21, 2010
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To be, or have been Coached or played with a member of the Herzog family.
We had a great season because we were Herzoged!
by Thechiffonator May 05, 2019
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When a girl takes a Bavarian sausage in here cheese haus while eating a bucket of Zhenders chicken.
Franz gave Heidi the ole Marv Herzog last night.
by Mysteryman617 March 10, 2018
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The spawn of master dictator, god, Jewish people. This deity posseses the all powerful and mighty Jew fro. This wanna be fro posseses the knowledge of centuries of anarchists alike, and there plans to take the government from the inside. A co. Creator of water baseballFerry beach opoly, pirate in training, and future leader of the band soon to be called aqward sexual advices. Also posses the talents of binge drinking water, prank calling, and pissing off chistians. This amazing being of limitless power is a force to be wrekend with.
The flying spegghti monster had not released his meaty marinara in quite some time, so when he spotted Connor, broken, and in a dress, he decided this would be thenperfect time.

-Asher Herzog / God
by Emily+Connor+car=hyper2010 January 01, 2010
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