A translated contemporary version of the word, Hero. A Henry will rise to the occasion when most needed, especially during times of epic battle and interstellar confliect. It is good to have a Henry in your friend group and/or family because during an alien invasion or attack of super villians, the Henry will then disappear only to re-appear as a Hero of some type, Superhero or galatic warrior sent through time and space. Henry is usually also the name of the Hero's alter ego, so if you know someone named Henry, odds are that person is a Hero of sometype. The actual superhero name is unknown, though if you have only one superhero, you can bet that its a Henry behind that mask or cape. Don't forget that if its a women, then her name is probably Henrietta!
#1 It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Henry!

#2 Lady: Run, it's a giant teddy bear stomping through Manhatten!

Man: Eh...don't worry about it. Henry will take care of it. Won't you, Henry?

Henry: (Silence because he's no where to be found)

Man: Look at that, he's on it already! (Points up to the sky where a caped figure is flying in, heading towards the giant teddy bear)
by Frostylad February 5, 2010
Henry is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is kind, funny, and likes to do things his way. If he looks at you when your not looking at him... he likes you. He likes to do things fast, so if he told you that he likes you, and you told him that you like him... the next day he will ask you to be his girlfriend or boyfriend. He is a little shy but opens up once you get to know him. He is such a loving person and will do what it takes to make people happy!
Person 1: That guy over there told me he likes me yesterday. I told him I like him too.
Person 2: Looks like your getting a boyfriend today.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Cause hes a Henry.
by artimas November 12, 2019
The word Henry, is a word that can used to describe somebody who is incredibly attractive and good looking and with an amazing body and hair.
OMG that boy is so HENRY
You are so HENRY
I wish i looked HENRY
that is HENRY
by kinghenry93 May 8, 2008
The most amazing boyfriend who will make your heart sing. This boy will make you blush like crazy! He will no doubt make you smile or have a crack up and makes you feel better no matter what. His smile is the most sweetest thing you will ever witness and he sure knows how to treat us girls right. He will go out of his way to see you happy and can really make your feelings last. Henry has got to be the most perfect boy in the world, smart, athletic, great at hugs, affectionate and… wow. Hot.
He is such a Henry! Looks at that bod, that is a nice bod.
by Kitkattt09 May 14, 2014
The best guy ever. He is loving and kind and will never let you down. People with out common sense often say he looks like Justin Bieber, but he is so much better than any celebrity in the history of all man kind. He will always make you smile, and often times he makes you feel awkward, but it is all okay because you can't help but laugh and be happy around him. If you have Henry in your life you need to keep him there because he is the best guy ever :) and I am sooo in love with him!
"Henry is the best guy ever"
by SGray30707 August 24, 2011
damn that kid Henry has a big schnoze
by yygsdgsdgsdg November 7, 2018