H.E.N.R.Y horny, entertaining, naughty, rough in bed, and YOU wish u had him in bed.

very sexy and is a total pimp.
girl 1:dude the guy i was with was a total Henry!
girl 2:man i wish i had a henry!
girl 1:Yeah i no he fucked me soooo good!!!!
girl 2:damn i need to get me one of those!
by phillip juna January 16, 2008
Someone who is extremely hot. They are usually looked up to for their good looks and sometimes referred to as a god. They are also sometimes major lax brothers.
Yo dude he is sooooooooo Henry!
by Goddess Of Narnia. January 16, 2011
Henry is so Handsome, Caring, Loving and the most perfect human ik.

Henry is the type of guy that you’re best friends with and then he does small things that eventually make you actually fall in love with him. You might have only seen him once in real life but that one time helps you realise how amazing this guy is. You would have been talking for months day in day out. And you may have got drunk and told him you liked him and didn’t talk about it for a month and it may annoy you a tiny bit and if ur reading this you definitely know it’s me. BUT AHHH a DiLlEmA😂.This definition is actually just to say I love you so much and i wanna spend my life with you and i can’t wait to wake up in ur arms and be goofy with you.
Also PS... why you googling ur name? 😂
Friend “oh so this is henry
Me “yup that’s my boyfriend 😁”

😂what am i doing
by ifyouseethisplsknowiloveyou April 23, 2020
an incredibly attractive person, who is constantly positive and very loving. Henry's are always up for adventure and they take risks. Henry's are savage and they know how to rage plain and simple, and keep your eyes peeled for those with red hair, because those are the keepers.
That boy is definitely a henry!

Cliff jumping? That's so henry.

I'm so lucky I have a henry.
by milika September 14, 2009
Miss can I close the window
“Henry is in the room
by Henry 12345 March 2, 2019
A drink comprising of Orange Juice and Lemonade word unique to Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.
Ill have a Henry please barman
by Chris12345 September 6, 2005