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Henry is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is kind, funny, and likes to do things his way. If he looks at you when your not looking at him... he likes you. He likes to do things fast, so if he told you that he likes you, and you told him that you like him... the next day he will ask you to be his girlfriend or boyfriend. He is a little shy but opens up once you get to know him. He is such a loving person and will do what it takes to make people happy!
Person 1: That guy over there told me he likes me yesterday. I told him I like him too.
Person 2: Looks like your getting a boyfriend today.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Cause hes a Henry.
by artimas November 12, 2019
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MaryJane is one of the best friends you can have. She is smart, funny, and will always have your back. She is a little emo but still will wear any color you give her. Though she has good jokes and is really nice, but she a lone wolf. She does NOT like anyone, so if your crushing on a girl named MaryJane, YOUR NOT GOING TO GET HER!!!!! NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabella: MaryJane is one of the most nice and kind person ever.

Alexzandra: She is also soooooooo good at videogames
by artimas April 24, 2019
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You are a Virgo if you are born on this day. You have a big heart and you care for many people. THE MOST BAD ASS BITCH EVER!!!!!!!!
Person: Damn! That person is Bad ass. Shes probably born on September 16
by artimas October 29, 2019
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