Henry is a word that can be used to describe a man that is extremely attractive and flirtatious. He has an amazing smile and soft, amazing hair. He always accuses people of wanting his body because he's just that narcissistic, and he will take pictures of himself just because he loves the way he looks. All the girls want him, but he is a heartbreaker. He secretly has committment issues. It's easy to love a Henry, but not easy to gain his love.

Henry is an amazing and loyal friend that always knows what to say to make you feel better. Henry is easy to trust and easy to talk to. He is very caring and supportive and loves to make new friends and talk to all kinds of people. A Henry is a friend you definitely want to hang on to! Even when you're a bitch, Henry won't turn his back on you.
Oh, that's definitely a Henry...
by pendulous.threads July 28, 2011
A charming and cute guy who's always there for you. All of the girls swoon over him and everyone wants him to be their bf, even though he is probably in a relationship. If he is don't be jealous, just try to be a friend to them both. It's better to be friend zoned than not be with them at all. He is funny and sweet and has a great taste in music. He might seem sort of shy at first but when you get to know him he will be the most amazing person you will ever meet. He will screw up once in a while but he somehow pulls it off. If you ever come across one pull him in and never let go. Even if you're not in a relationship with him he will be the best friend someone could have.
Girl 1: Guys look it's henry! Isn't he amazing!

Guy: Yeah totally! I wish I could be just like him

Girl 2: I wish I could be with him!
by chinboy123 March 4, 2015
Henry is a name which originated from England, but it comes from the Bible. People with this name are very creative. They tend to switch between sides a lot. But when it comes to it you can count on them.
I want my son to be an artist, I’ll name him Henry
by Is all that we need February 6, 2020
Nice, kind, and a sweet person when you first meet them. Then they cheat, and straight out lie. However, most Henry's are nice.
Did you see Henry? He seened pretty nice
Yeah, je gets mean though
by Someone you never will know October 10, 2020
Henry’s are often very attractive. And are known to have a big 🍆. They are also very goofy and like to pick on you. They are also very energetic.
That guy is cute because he’s a Henry
by Special.horse.XDXD November 29, 2019
Oh shid oh fuck, it's Henry
by FatShitCracker October 28, 2019